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The importance of white candles

Judging from the title, you already know what we are talking about today. I won't get into a deep tangent about who, what, where or when BUT just give my own little two cents about the topic.

Now if you use your candles to help with the mood of your space then you may know that different colors can attract different things. (Green for abundance, yellow success, pink for love etc. etc.) And then there is the white candle.


Good question. White can be used for purity....BUT it is also a good way to substitute a color you may not have. This is where your intention comes in. When people ask me what color candle they should use, I always go for white and then suggest a color. White is a multifaceted color and as I said before.... A GOOD SUBSITIUTE.

Now what I really want to get into..."Why should I use a white candle to cleanse my home?"

Using a white candle with a paired scent can help cleanse your home without having to use incents, palo santo or sage. White candles can help you protect your home from negative energy, draw in abundance, bring in good luck AND keep the overall mood very tame. I always suggest to a new client that doesn't know what to get on their first order to get a cleansing candle. Lighting one and putting it near a entrance to your home always help knock

any negative energy every time someone comes through your door.

I love a good white candle with a good burn and scent. It should be everyone's go to especially if you go about your day speaking intentions into the atmosphere.

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