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About Divine Manifestations

Divine Manifestations was originally created because I was tired of purchasing so many candles that did not meet my needs. I was so busy spending money on scents and brands that never really fulfilled the peace I needed for my space.  After doing some experimenting with my own candle making kit, I fell in love with the idea of creating something that could potentially help many people. I learned about various herbs and their uses, what different colors mean and how they can help you and decided THIS is how I want to help the world. With each candle that is made, I put a lot of energy into it. It is important to me that every single candle is made with the purest intentions possible.

Over the last two years, I had added a lot of different Self-Care items and continued to make different candles for your use. Divine Manifestations now helps unblock your Chakras, cleanse your body and space and bring protection to your mind, body and spirit. We hope you enjoy every item you receive from us and continue on this path of self-enlightenment!

Photo of Divine Manifestations owner Courtney Martin
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